Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law

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National co-operation

In 2007 SCCL established co-operation with the Division for Family Law and the Law of Contracts, Torts and Personal Property at the Ministry of Justice, partly for the purpose of arranging joint seminars, enabling researchers from SCCL to take part as expert advisers in Government inquiries and commissions, and to enable researchers from SCCL to represent the Ministry at international talks and conferences. For example, during Sweden’s chairmanship of the European Union and as part of this co-operation, SCCL and the Ministry jointly arranged an international conference on a common frame of reference for European contract law.

In 2010, similarly, SCCL inaugurated co-operation with the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Sweden (the Riksbank), the National Debt Office and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, partly with purpose to arranging joint seminars, including departmental representatives in reference groups for PhD projects and enabling researchers at SCCL to take part in or take charge of Government inquiries and commissions. This has, among other things, led to co-operation with Professor Howell Jackson, Harvard Law School, in connection with his investigation of the regulation of financial institutions and financial markets in Sweden. In addition, represents from the four governments participate in SCCL’s research panel for financial market law. SCCL also co-operates with national and internat- nal centres of law and economics research, such as CEVIA (the Centre for Enterprise Liabi- lity) and FOCOFIMA (Forum for Company Law and Financial Law) at the University of Copenhagen, the Department of Law, University of Southern Denmark, and SIFR (the Institute for Financial Research) at the Stockholm School of Economics.


European Law Institute

SCCL has also, mainly through the agency of its Council Chairman, Johan Gernandt, advokat and Chairman of the Governors of the Central Bank of Sweden, been instrumental in helping set up, in 2011, a European law forum for co-operation between leading European institu- tions of jurisprudential research. The purpose of such a forum, the European Law Institute, is to promote transboundary contacts between academics and practitioners, above all in the field of property law.


International co-operation

In recent years SCCL’s main concern has been with expanding its international co-operation. For example, SCCL inaugurated in 2011 a co-operation with the University of Oxford and Christ Church College, which among other things has made it possible for Swedish researchers to join the faculty of Oxford University through the Stockholm Centre Oxford Fellowship and spend a whole academic year there doing research. It has also been agreed that SCCL and the University of Oxford are to arrange an annual international conference on commercial law.

SCCL is currently establishing contacts with leading research institutes in South America, the USA and Germany, with a view to strengthen its international network and in this way promoting a greater element of crossborder research between different disciplines and countries.

In September 2012 SCCL hosted a symposium where future international projects were discussed and guidelines for future forms of co-operation were adopted. The co-operation with University of Oxford is managed by The Oxford Committee, which is composed by representatives of the co-operating parties. Chairman of the Committee is Professor Jan Kleineman.