Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law

Senior Visiting Fellows

Senior Visiting Fellows are affiliated to SCCL and are appointed by the Board of Directors following nomination by the Special Committee. A Senior Visiting Fellowship can be conferred on a law researcher who is or has been active at a university or college in or outside Sweden or on a person active outside the higher education community but ascribed a capacity for scholarly research. The aim is to establish enduring co-operation between these persons and SCCL for the promotion of international partnership and research of mutual interest.


Up to now SCCL has established co-operation with the following Senior Visiting Fellows:


Professor Hugh J. Ault

Stig von Bahr, Former ECJ Judge

Emeritus Professor Lars Gorton

Mats Isaksson, Econ. Lic., Head of Corporate Affairs Division, OECD

Gertrud Lennander, LL.D., former Justice of the Supreme Court

Emeritus Professor Gustaf Lindencrona

Emeritus Professor Sven Olof Lodin

Professor David B. Wilkins