Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law

Visiting Fellows

Visiting Fellows can be appointed by the Special Committee. Visiting Fellowships can be conferred on doctoral candidates, young researchers or others that are found to be interested in and capable of scholarly activity, for the duration of their day-to-day contacts with SCCL.


Up to now SCCL has established co-operation with the following Visiting Fellows:


Professor Howell E. Jackson, Harward Law School, USA

Ass. Professor Eiríkur Jónsson, Háskoli Íslands, Iceland

Professor Rosa M. Lastra, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Professor Lennart Lynge Andersen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Professor Rune Sæbø, University of Bergen, Norway

Professor Weixing Shen, Vice-Dean, Tsinghua University, China

Researcher in Law Anna Södersten, European University Institute, Italy

Ass. Professor Marie Jull Sørensen , Aalborg Universitet, Denmark

Ass. Professor Ivan Sørensen, Copenhagen University, Denmark

Researcher in Law Fabian Walla, Bucerius Law School, Germany