Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law

Ett ledande forskningscentrum BW (1)

A leading Commercial Law Research Centre in Scandinavia

A large part of research in the Faculty of Law, Stockholm University, has focused on the development of commercial law. This made it natural to set up a special Centre with a view to further strengthening the role of legal research. The Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law (often known for short as SCCL or just “the Centre”) was accordingly set up on 21st September 2000 in the Stockholm University Faculty of Law, on the initiative of Professor Jan Kleineman and Gunnar Nord, advokat, LL.D. Hon.

SCCL, whose foremost task is the promotion of research and research education in commercial law, broadly defined, forms part of the Faculty of Law and comes under the supervision of the Law Faculty Board. It was modelled on the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary, University of London. At present the SCCL has about 20 researchers concentrating mainly on commercial law, which makes it the leading commercial law research centre in the Nordic Region.

More exactly speaking, SCCL’s activities are to focus on:

• initiating, leading and co-ordinating research projects, as well as publishing and disseminating the results,

• collecting and processing research material,

• organising scholarly lectures, seminars and symposia, and

• seeking co-operation with educational establishments, institutions, organisations and national authorities, in Sweden and abroad, which are active within the SCCL’s sphere of interest.

There is a great need for legal issues to be illuminated in a broader perspective than is possible with the traditional array of legal studies. Modern law research also needs impulses from and interaction with legal practice in the business community, government and other branches of the judicial system. The intention is for SCCL, through its activities, to create bridges both between different legal disciplines and between law research and legal practice, the overall aim being to promote an interchange of knowledge between practitioners and academics. This takes place partly by means of a great number of seminars arranged under the SCCL’s auspices and aimed at creating a common platform for promoting free discussion space.

Research at the SCCL is conducted partly by research panels and partly by individual research efforts within and outside the SCCL. Much of the SCCL’s activity proceeds through conferences where scholarly papers are presented and discussed in order to be published at a later date. Smaller, informal seminars also play an important part in research.

SCCL’s activities are regarded by the Vice Chancellor of Stockholm University as one of the University’s profile areas, and have been allotted premises on floor 6 of the University Library, financed for the time being out of central University funds. SCCL’s premises were officially opened on 25th April 2007. Those present included the University Vice-Chancellor, Kåre Bremer, and Peter Wallenberg, LL.D. Hon.