Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law



Board of Directors

SCCL is governed by a Board of Directors numbering between five and ten members, appointed for a three-year period by the Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University, following nomination by the Faculty Board.The Board of Directors is in charge of SCCL’s general activities. This includes promoting good relations between SCCL and interested parties both within and beyond Stockholm University, added to which the Board of Directors assumes responsibility for the funding of SCCL’s activities.

The Board of Directors makes decisions for SCCL but may delegate this decision-making to other agents, e.g. with regard to the appointment of members of the Special Committee, members of the Council, Senior Visiting Fellows, the setting up of research panels and the appointment of persons to head them, research projects of major or strategic importance, seminars and conferences entailing considerable expenditure, SCCL’s budget, and the preparation of an annual report and annual accounts.


The Special Committee

The Special Committee consists of between two and five members, at least two of whom have academic qualifications. The members are appointed by the Board of Directors. The Special Committee is particularly responsible, for example, for initiatives concerning funding of SCCL’s activities, co-ordination of the scholarly activity of the Research Panels, initiation and co-ordination of research and research projects within the framework of SCCL, the dissemination of information concerning research and research findings within and beyond the academic community, and the promotion of international contacts and co-operation.


The Director

The Director is accountable to the Board of Directors for the administrative and financial management of SCCL’s activities and is appointed for three years at a time by the Vice-Chancellor following nomination by the Law Faculty Board and the Board of Directors. The Director makes decisions for the conduct of day-to-day activities in accordance with directions and guidelines issued by the Board of Directors.

The Director: Ass. Prof. Patrik Schöldström, Judge of Appeal


The International Secretary

An International Secretary has been attached to SCCL since the autumn term 2002, tasked among other things with promoting SCCL’s international contacts and comparative research.

The International Secretary: Ass. Prof. Patricia Shaugnessy


The Council

The Council deals with general scholarly issues within the framework of SCCL, e.g. to ensure that SCCL’s activities are when necessary conducted in partnership with the community at large and on a basis of co-operation between different legal and other disciplines, and also that they address urgent issues of a legal nature. The members of the Council represent various legal disciplines and various fields of legal practice. They possess a high level of scholarly competence or other legal competence in their several fields. The Council includes the members of the Board of Directors and the Special Committee, the Director and the heads of the Research Panels. Other Council members are appointed by the Board of Directors.