Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law

Administration and SCCL’s premises

Activities on the SCCL’s premises

Commercial law being regarded as one of Stockholm University’s main profile subjects, the University has elected to finance the SCCL’s premises on floor 6 of the University Library, designed by Ralph Erskine, on the Frescati campus. The rebuild and fitting out of the premises was completed in 2007, after drawings and directions by the architect engaged by SCCL, Paulina Berglund of Waldemarsson Berglund Arkitekter AB. The premises were officially opened on 25th April 2007, and in 2011 SCCL was allotted additional premises which were altered and fitted out in the same style as the existing ones (jointly funded by the Faculty of Law and SCCL). The premises have been decorated with works of art borrowed from the University collections and from the National Public Art Council.

The build-up of the SCCL’s own research environment on its own premises, now comprising 20 workstations, library facilities with research units and conference rooms, has been in progress since 2007. The premises are occupied by a mixture of young and more established researchers, from doctoral candidates to emeritus professors. Visiting researchers can also use the research units available in the SCCL’s library for longer or shorter periods of time.


Working at SCCL

It has for SCCL been an express policy from the beginning, and especially since it acquired premises of its own, to provide a pleasant and stimulating, nonhierachical working environment. The premises themselves are conducive to spontaneous meetings in which current legal issues are discussed. SCCL is characterised by a strong team spirit, interchange of ideas and, above all, the arrangement every year of a large number of seminars which help researchers to follow up current legal issues and are also a source of great inspiration to the associates.

The very quality of SCCL as a work environment was confirmed by the Law Department’s PhD work environment questionnaire study in 2011. The SCCL’s work environment was described as inspiring, supportive and reassuring to the postgraduates – good news, this being one of the cardinal principles of our day-to-day activity.