Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law


SCCL’s Publication Series and Library

In addition to the arrangement of seminars and conferences, publication of the research findings produced is a vital component of SCCL’s activities. A project plan for SCCL’s publishing activities was therefore drawn up in association with Professor Peter Wahlgren, resulting in a separate series of publications. SCCL also aims to inaugurate international co-operation in the publishing field.

Large numbers of articles and research reports are published every year by the researchers affiliated to SCCL and by lecturers at major seminars and conferences. SCCL therefore maintains publications of two kinds, issued in its series, namely its Yearbook and digests of papers for specific conferences. The lectures given at Council meetings have, however, been published in Juridisk Tidskrift (JT).

Link to the Publication Series: Jure nätbokhandel.



SCCL has on its own premises an extensive library which began with a donation by the late Professor Jan Hellner and with the acquisition of the library of the Institute for Company and Securities Law, whose activities are being continued by SCCL. Since then the library has been augmented through a variety of large donations, e.g. by Professor Lars Gorton and Professor Henrik Edelstam. The Foundation “Institutet för företagsjuridik” has made donations to the library as well.

Since the Stockholm University Scientific Institute for Arbitration Law became part of SCCL, its specialist library of Swedish and international arbitration law has come under SCCL’s management.

The library also receives ongoing donations from Jure Förlag AB of newly published swedish doctrine. It now holds about 5,500 titles, and SCCL intends successively building the libraries which will be accessible to researchers in the field of commercial law and to SCCL itself and its Council, the aim being for library activities ultimately to be run on a separate basis and with their own librarian.

Doctoral Candidate Philip Mielnicki is in charge of SCCL’s library. Ass. Prof. Patricia Shaughnessy is in charge of acquisitions for the library of the Research Panel for Arbitration and Other Forms of Dispute Resolution. Librarians employed on an hourly basis assist with the build-up and day-to-day care of the library.

SCCL:s skriftserie

Nr. 1    Tvångsinlösen av minoritetsaktier – kommer den nya aktiebolagslagen att lösa problemen? (2003)

Nr. 2    Nyemissioner av aktier – de lege lata och de lege ferenda (2004)

Nr. 3    En svensk kod för bolagsstyrning – Vad är det för något och vad innebär den? (2005)

Nr. 4    Intressekonflikter och finansiella marknader (2006)

Nr. 5    Commercial Law Challenges in the 21st Century – Jan Hellner in memoriam (2007)

Nr. 6    Redovisning och juridik (2008)

Nr. 7    Aktiebolagens minoritetsskydd (2008)

Nr. 8    Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law Årsbok I (2008)

Nr. 9    Finansiella kriser – betalningssystem och skuldförhållanden (2009)

Nr. 10  Aktieägares rättigheter (2009)

Nr. 11  CISG Part II Conference (2009)

Nr. 12  Marknadsmissbrukslagen i praktiken (2010)

Nr. 13  Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law Årsbok II (2010)

Nr. 14  A Common Frame of Reference for European Contract Law (2011)

Nr. 15  Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law Årsbok III (2011)

Nr. 16  Money Laundering (2012)

Nr. 17  Hyresgästs skadeståndsansvar (2012)

Nr. 18  Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law Årsbok IV (2012)

Nr. 19 Perspectives on Credit Rating Agencies (2013)

Nr. 20 Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law Årsbok V (2013)

Nr. 21 Bolagsstämma (2014)

Nr. 22 Functional or dysfunctional – the law as a cure? (2014)

Nr. 23 Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law Årsbok VI (2015)

Nr. 24 Skälig hyra (2015)

Nr. 25 Miljöfarliga sjötransporter – internationella skadeståndsregler (2015)