Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law

Projects conducted by the Center´s Doctoral Candidate

LL.M. Kelly Chen, Doctoral candidate in Private Law

My research is focused on the regulation of the global financial markets. The dissertation is a comprehensive analysis of the current regulation of multinational financial institutions’ activities in the European Union and Chinese capital markets. Increased globalization and deeper integration of regional capital markets, supported by technical innovations and market liberalization policies, have facilitated the global presence of major firms. The regulations enacted, however, have predominately been developed on a jurisdictional basis and do not address the global dimension in an efficient manner. The purpose of the dissertation is to compare the regulations in the EU and China, identify eventual jurisdictional arbitrage and suggest regulatory reforms that could contribute to the development of international convergence in financial markets regulation at a global level. Certain aspects of the American regulations will also be examined. The dissertation will be published in English and Chinese separately.


LL.M. Philip Mielnicki, Doctoral Candidate in Private Law

A Rights-Based Interpretation of Tort Law

This doctoral project studies the relationship of rights and tort law. The rights-based discourse in tort law is fundamental for that inquiry. It perceives tort law as a discipline of civil wrongs, concerning the correlation between tortfeasor and injured person, their respective duties and rights, and providing the wronged person with a private law remedy. Rights-based tort law can help explain both the structure of tort law and the particular terms under which damages liability is imposed in practice. The project is an analysis as to whether a rights-based understanding of tort law can be reconciled with Swedish tort law, under which theoretical framework it could be based on, and what the normative implications would be for the foundations and application of tort law. The project includes a comparative perspective, and also deals with fundamental rights in tort law (such as the ECHR).