Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law


The Research Panels

Most scholarly activity takes place within the Research Panels on the initiative of their members. The Research Panels are made up of representatives of the academic community, public and governmental agencies, courts, law practices and business undertakings. The Heads of Panels are ex officio members of the Council.

The Research Panels have an extensive range of seminar activities, that attracts a large numbers of participants, anything up to a hundred each. It is also common for Panels to co-operate and arrange joint seminars. In some cases the subject of the seminar is developed into a major conference, which in turn has resulted in additions to SCCL’s publication series.

Seminar activities have been successful in the sense of triggering widespread discussion in the subject field concerned, which is of benefit both to the participants themselves and to researchers affiliated to SCCL. The researchers then have an opportunity of presenting their current fields of research, but can also keep abreast of ongoing discussions in the subject fields concerned. The seminars also give other participants an opportunity of meeting to discuss topics of importance in their various professional fields.