Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law

Research Panel for Comparative Business Law

Head of Research Panel: Dr. Marco Corradi, Stockholm University and Adam Green, partner Mannheimer Swartling

Objective – The main objective of this panel is to offer a broad platform for the comparison of different business law doctrines and systems both from a theoretical and practical perspective. The intention is to enrichen and broaden the debate around potential new solutions for legal problems arising in business practice.

Theoretical background – The illustrious French jurist René David left us the legacy of a well-developed taxonomical framework for the comparison of different systems of law – based on the identification of families of legal systems. Nonetheless, business theory and practice are evolving through increasingly globalized patterns which can better be read through a functional approach. A leitmotiv of many areas of business law is nowadays the contrast between progressive harmonization and residual differentiation. This renders the analysis of modern business law problems rather complex. If, on the one hand, multiple legal traditions still present differences arising from legal path dependencies, legal praxis by international law firms tends to standardize on a global scale important business and financial transactions from a practical perspective.

Potential Areas of Research – Comparative M&A; Comparative Corporate Law, Comparative Insolvency Law, Comparative Antitrust Law, Comparative Financial Markets Law.

Activities – This Research Panel convenes academics and practitioners in the above-mentioned fields who are active in different jurisdictions through conferences and symposia. It also organizes smaller joint sections, where the specific legal issues are debated by academics and practitioners operating in different legal traditions.