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Research Panel for Corporate SustainabilityBiörn Riese webb

Head of Research Panel: Biörn Riese, Advokat, JURIE

The intergovernmental engagement in sustainability has steadily increased. A large number of initiatives, intergovernmental conventions, regulations and laws that companies abide by have emerged. Meanwhile, the expectations of voluntary corporate contributions in the area have increased. A number of companies are doing more than what is legally required, and are committing in various ways to social and environmental concerns in their business.

Current sustainability matters include, among others, proactive environmental efforts, systematic efforts on anti-corruption, measures to ensure good labour conditions within supply chains as well as measures to prevent violations of human rights.

This research panel is focused on promoting research at the interface between traditional commercial law and issues related to sustainability, with particular focus on the methods and structures needed to consider, develop and implement so-called Soft law to meet the expectations of different stakeholders. The research foregrounds the socioeconomic and legal perspectives of the sustainability regulations placed on companies from various stakeholders. The work within the panel should further promote exchange of opinions between people active in the panel’s research and practice. Such topics on sustainability also affect other facets of the Faculty of Law as well as other research panels within SCCL; the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability concerns provide opportunities for cooperation as well as joint activities.