Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law

Research Panel for Media LawJan-Rosen

Head of Research Panel: Professor Jan Rosén, Stockholm University

The Research Panel for Media Law studies legal phenomena associated with the production, mediation and dissemination of data, entertainment, journalism and information in the broad sense, hereby encompassing contemporary methods for communication in broadcasting, webcasting and modern telecom facilities as well as traditional forms of making media content available to the public. Accordingly, the Research Panel’s field of interest comprehends the legal preconditions governing dissemination of information to the public as well as public access to information, hereby also including matters of secrecy, personal privacy and personal data. Further, preconditions for freedom of expression and information as set forth in constitutional and civil law are part of the Panel’s field of interest, as are values of exclusive intellectual property rights, especially with regard to trademarks and copyright. EU law and international conventions, agreements and treaties are of particular relevance to mass communication and media content – the panel thus studies the complex EU and convention based foundations of media law. The Research Panel for Media Law regularly arranges at least two advanced seminars each semester.