Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law

Research Panel for Real Property LawJori-Munukka

Head of Research Panel: Professor Jori Munukka, Stockholm University

This Panel engages in seminar, conference and publishing activities relating to real property law. Its activities are divided between two units: the Real Estate Law Discussion Club (FDK) and the Tenancy Law Discussion Club (HDK).

HDK, which is headed by Hans-Åke Wängberg, former Chairman of the Stockholm Rent and Leasehold Tribunal, concentrates mainly on tenancy and tenant-ownership issues, and its seminars attract many lawyers from a variety of fields. FDK is a platform for other issues of real property law. The Panel convenes about eight seminars annually, some of them in association with other Research Panels. A well-subscribed HDK seminar concerning tenants’ liability for damage to the dwelling unit took place in the autumn of 2011 on the premises of the Stockholm Property Association. The pro-ceedings have now been published in book form, Wängberg (ed.) et al., Hyresgästs skadeståndsansvar, SCCL Publication Series No. 17, Jure Förlag 2012. Memorable FDK events have included two seminars in the autumn of 2011, namely one on China’s newly enacted rights of ownership legislation, with Professor Weixing Shen, Tsinghua University, and the other on formal requirements governing the purchase and sale of real property, with Doctoral Candidate Elisabeth Ahlinder and Professor Christina Ramberg.