Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law

Research Panel for Chinese Law

Head of Research Panel: Kelly Chen, LL.D., Stockholm University

As the China Desk of SCCL, the research panel is dedicated to issues pertaining to legal developments in contemporary China, especially in the field of commercial law. The expansion of trade with China in recent years has given rise to a steady increase of interest in the Chinese legal system in general and commercial law in particular. The panel serves as a meeting point for academics, practitioners as well as representatives from the public and private sector that are interested in these matters. Another focal point of the panel is the Sweden-China relationship in trade and investments. The purpose is to facilitate exchange of ideas and knowledge between the different professions. Seminars, conferences and lecturers are organized, in Sweden and beyond, for this purpose.



研究组负责人:Kelly Chen, 博士,斯德哥尔摩大学

该研究组是SCCL 的China Desk,致力于研究中国当代法律发展有关的问题,特别在于商法领域。近年来,与中国贸易的逐步增长,使其对中国法律体系,特别是对商法的信息需求和兴趣不断增加。该研究组是对相关问题感兴趣的学者和从业者包括律师业、政府和企业代表者的聚会点。研究组的另一个工作重点是瑞中贸易和投资关系。为了更好地促进不同专业之间的思想和知识交流, 研究组会在瑞典及其他地区组织相关的研讨,会议和讲作。