Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law

Research Panel for Tax Law

Teresa Simon Almendal Webbsida


Head of Research Panel: Professor Teresa Simon-Almendal, Stockholm University

One of the main objectives of the Research Panel for Tax Law is to provide a meeting point for practising tax lawyers and academics, for the elucidation and discussion of tax law issues. The Panel sees an important task in promoting the interchange of viewpoints and knowledge between the different tax law professional communities. To this end the research panel regularly arranges seminars, conferences and lectures within various sectors of tax law.

The Panel has established co-operation with Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC and Svalner Skatt & Transaktion in the purpose of supporting tax law research within the frame of the Panel’s aegis at SCCL and further developing and strengthening co-operation between itself and legal practice. Support is provided in research fields with a bearing, direct or indirect, on the implementation of tax law issues handled by the tax departments of the firms mentioned, and this co-operation also helps to finance the Panel’s public seminars.